The Birth of a Kingdom

The land is precious. Families rely on their land to feed them, and they seek to protect their land. For safety, humans have begun to stick together in small villages, or sometimes many poor families will work under the protection of a powerful Lord. The land is a fertile land, and most of the people are thriving, and the people are constantly claiming more land to grow on, to increase their wealth. This has led to a slight problem.

Many arguments have arisen over land. Sometimes, more than one person has claimed the same piece of land. Other times, an exceedingly wealthy landowner cannot gain more land simply because those around him are wealthy enough not to sell. Regardless, the number of people has grown, and there is no more land to be had. Blood has been spilled through assassination, scuffles, feuds, and even war between Lords.

Danger lurks and opportunity abounds in such an unstable land, but for those who merely seek safety, something has to change, and soon.

Forging Tarika

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