Forging Tarika

The South Wind

The winds of change

In a small human territory known as Traubon, a father died, and a son took his place as Lord, as was the order of things. The son changed the order of things, calling far and wide to a people that were feared and outcast; Magic Users. For years he did what many would not, giving shelter to those who could wield magic, setting up “academies” (mere proving grounds) for them. He also began training his populace in the arts of war. In times such as these, no one questioned, assuming they were for defensive purposes, considering the amount of violence already present in the world.

Then in 661 FE, the son, Icarus Traubon took his forces on the march, conquering the neighbouring territories to his East and South, then zigzagging Northward, taking any country he knew he could, using any measures necessary.


RenenDarkfire RenenDarkfire

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