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  • Kureem Sagash

    He was the Lord of [[Sagash]] until he vanished during an engagement with [[:icarus-traubon | Traubon's]] troops. While it is likely that he died in that engagement, no one remembers seeing him fall, and the fact that it wasn't until 6 weeks later that …

  • Kellan Drekk

    He used to be the Lord of [[Drekk]]. Near the end of the war against [[:icarus-traubon | Traubon]], he vanished from his command tent. There were no witnesses of his disappearance, but many still believe he is alive.

  • Elon Fauss

    He was the Lord of [[Fauss]] until [[:icarus-traubon | Traubon]] took it. Reports of his death have not been confirmed, and no one knows of his whereabouts.

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