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  • Banner Orvek

    Very loyal to his soldiers and always strives to bring all of them home. He commands the Task Force and reports to [[:ganz-brieta | CtM Brieta]]. Warrior Masters: [[:amos-tarth | Tarth]] [[:elrik-tharivol | Tharivol]] [[:darren-kade | Kade]] [[: …

  • Amos Tarth

    A simple man, he keeps himself busy, usually taking care of his equipment and chores, but also helping out others when needed or when he has time. He is under [[:orvek | Orvek]] as part of the Task Force. Swordsmen: [[:saen-gark | Gark]] [[:jyd- …

  • Beren Thicketkeeper

    Goes by TK. He has become a Warrior Master in the magician division of the Lord's army, under [[:orvek | Orvek]]. He also commands a unit of warriors and archers. Swordsmen: [[:moren-felion | Felion]] [[:gaius-grachus | Grachus]] [[:argo-telemikas …

  • Elrik Tharivol

    Religiously faithful. Swordsmen: [[:slaos-lerubo-kia | Lerubo (KIA)]] [[:udra-tonir-kia | Tonir (KIA)]] [[:clep-rynrr | Rynrr]] [[:usarn-ashis-kia | Ashis (KIA)]] Archers: [[:iain-cilet-kia | Cilet (KIA)]] [[:leas-istin | Istin (KIA)]]

  • Darren Kade

    Feisty fellow, not really ever calm or tired. Also likes fire a lot. He's very ambitious, and most of the time is determined to complete whatever task is before him. Very torn up about his lost men. Swordsmen: [[:jinn-lerak-kia | Lerak (KIA)]] [[: …

  • Khorvan

    Warrior Master in the magician division of Lundar's army, under [[:orvek | Orvek]]. Also has a command of his own of warriors and archers. Swordsmen: [[:markus-verne | Verne]] [[:emen-ashdad | Ashdad]] [[:thamus-barnes | Barnes]] [[:duvamil-aybara …

  • Ganz Brieta

    He is the Captain Master of the Magician Division at the Forest Garrison. He is 1 of the 12 Captain Masters under Commander [[:rass-turik | Turik]].

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