Half Elves of the South

The Half Elves of the South are a well known people because of their mastery of archery.

Half-Elves have been disliked since their conception because they were considered contaminated with the other race. As the hatred between the Elves and Humans began to abate, so did the dislike of Half Elves, but by then, they had already become loners, living in settlements far from other civilizations. This particular group of Half Elves had taken up residence in the Great Forest.

Living in the Great Forest meant that all food had to be hunted or gathered, and the Half Elves learned to be good hunters, as much for food as for survival. In a studious manner much like the Elves, the Half Elves pursued their art of hunting until they became masters, able to hit a target at some distance through tree and vine and deliver a killing blow. For them, there is never an opportunity for a second shot.

When some Half Elves took this skill on the road in their various pursuits, it eventually became well known that these Half Elves from the Great Forest were excellent marksmen, and they are respected, even feared, for that skill. Since then many have tried to learn that art, whether by attempting to torture the secrets out of them, or by trying to find them to get training. Both are dangerous paths that usually lead to failure, but the Half Elves have taken a few students on, should they survive the forest long enough to find them. Those students are equally respected for their ability, and many go on to train others or travel far and wide showcasing their skills.

Half Elves of the South

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